All materials from this initiative will be delivered electronically on the Website

Subdomains of the W-not cap website will be branded to each sponsoring firm and content managed accordingly. A password-protected section of the W-not cap website will also- delete host materials for exclusive use by sponsors and their sponsors, and materials for exclusive use by sponsors’-delete strategic partners (e.g., advisors, client plan sponsors).

Available to the general public / Directed to a Gen Z audience

  • Site content
  • YouTube videos leading Generation Z to responsible retirement decisions
  • Facebook page
  • Instagram
  • Twitter account
  • Snapchat account
  • Online calendar of retirement preparedness opportunities
  • Animated Emojis
  • App
  • Online game
  • 3-D giveaway available by request
  • Links to approved financial literacy resources
  • Other content decided by sponsors

Accessible by Advisors and Media via password-protected section of branded subdomains

  • Videos of case-in-point members of Generation Z based on real-life situations
  • Videos of research findings (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Easy-to-navigate printable executive summary report of research findings
  • Live and recorded webconferences for each study
  • Resources for advisors
  • Other resources decided by each sponsor

Accessible by sponsors only

For each study:

  • Print-ready detailed report of research presentations (with printer’s mark)
  • Easy-to-navigate printable reports of research findings for online posting
  • Library of research presentation slides and speaker notes
  • Detailed tabulations

Other deliverables

  • News releases
  • Seal for vetted and approved financial literacy opportunities
  • A fund to support financial literacy initiatives directed to members of Generation Z
  • Budget to advertise in venues with high visibility among Gen Z youth
  • Dedicated program manager
  • Access to a keynote speaker and supporting materials

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