Research activities will change every year, to reflect the interests of sponsors.

Support thought leadership but also turn into deliverables that impact behavior of Generation Z.  Also monitor the effectiveness of the program.

In 2017, we propose to conduct:

  • Three online-surveys of members of Generation Z (2,000 responses for each)
  • Two online-focus groups (20 research subjects in each group)
  • Fifteen one-on-one in-depth interviews
  • One-on-one interviews support scenario development and concept testing
  • Survey results provide strategic direction for sponsors and support segmentation
  • Focus groups uncover the range / prevalence of attitudes toward a range of identified issues, develop assumptions for testing in survey questionnaires.

Latest Research Offering

Survey 2:  Building Wealth and Investing – Content for Plan Sponsor and Advisor Communications

Content identifies segments of the Generation Z cohort that aspire to accumulate wealth and plan to ultimately pass it along to their heirs, legacy, or spend it within their lifetime – i.e., lifestyle or retirement. Content addresses topics such as:

  • Preferred methods for building wealth (earn and save, invest, speculate)
  • Attitudes toward investment markets / investment risk and speculation
  • Life and financial goals besides wealth accumulation
  • The role of 401(k) plan participation / accumulation in building wealth
  • Attitudes toward debt (student, personal, mortgage, and business creation)
  • Life priorities / trade-offs
  • Gainful employment
  • Property ownership
  • Impact of gender and life stage (married/partner, presence of children), etc.

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Completed Research

Survey 1:  Generation on Track Toward Retirement Success

September 2017
Executive Summary


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