The videos in this initiative will feature a 17 year-old young woman named Anna, who leads the life of a typical Gen Z teenager. Her school and social networks are supported, in fact dominated, by electronic devices, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, iPads, and iPods. She is almost always connected electronically with her friends. She shops online and discusses purchases, product quality, and product value with her peers. The building of her personal online brand is a constant process, but Anna struggles to balance that exposure with her conflicting desire for privacy and online anonymity.

We will enlist a young actress– a professional talent contracted for a one-year period, to play Anna through a series of short videos in which she is introduced to the concept of retirement and begins to consider retirement planning – eventually enrolling in a 401(k). Other actors will be used as needed to play the roles of Anna’s friends and family. The videos will be produced by Paul Horton Visuals and directed by Eric Leone.