The objective of this initiative is to set Generation Z on a course to achieve 99.7% retirement success by age 70.

Generation Z Retires is a character development initiative for a cohort. The multi-year, co-sponsored strategic initiative involves a comprehensive range of marketing activities designed to place and maintain Generation Z on a course to achieve retirement success.

Sponsors share a commitment to the retirement success of working Americans. Retirement plan service providers, investment management firms, plan administrators, advisory firms, advisor teams, trade groups, technology firms, communication and education providers, financial literacy organization, plan sponsors, and all members of Generation Z stand to benefit.

Going beyond financial literacy, this strategic initiative taps into the behaviors, preferences, and hot buttons of the cohort and its various segments. Content and delivery mechanisms address Generation Z’s specific needs, wants, and dreams, always with an eye towards leading individuals to make responsible financial decisions.  As the generation evolves through life (e.g., education, workforce entry, family formation, career development, and retirement), this initiative will maintain Generation Z on track to achieve a successful retirement.

Your involvement demonstrates your long-term commitment to the retirement success of working Americans.

The initiative is collectively staffed and managed by EACH Enterprise.